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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Top Tourist Destinations in France

What comes to your mind when France is mentioned? Is it great food, romantic spots, the fashion center of the world, or even the Eiffel Tower? France has many interesting things. One of them is Paris. This city becomes the most popular tourist destination when we talk about France. Its popularity as a fashion center makes this city a center for world fashion. In addition, Paris is also known as the most romantic city. No wonder many are dating or honeymooning there. Besides Paris, the weather in France is also quite friendly and comfortable. In spring and autumn, the climate is cold but not too chilly. So the adaptation is easier compared to other European countries, such as Norway. Meanwhile, in summer, the weather is sunny and makes many people go out of the house to enjoy the warm sun.

France also has tourist destinations that are no less interesting than Paris. One of the reasons why France is the most populous tourist destination globally is none other than because this country has many quality UNESCO world heritage sites and they are still preserved today. France has historic buildings with amazing architectural art, such as cathedrals, Arc de Triomphe, and more. Even some of these ancient buildings are imitated by various countries because they look beautiful.

Top Tourist Destinations in France

As we have said above, France has many tourist destinations and landmarks you can visit. Here are 12 destinations you should not miss when you are in France

1.   1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffe Tower
Photo credit: Stanley Chen XI/ Getty Image

This tower is located in Paris. it was built between 1887 to 1889 by Gustave Eiffel. Your sightseeing would not be completed, if you visit France without visiting the Eiffel Tower. The Paris Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous monuments globally and an important icon in France. Visitors have to walk approximately 360-400 stairs to reach the first floor which is at the 57m , then walk another 350 steps to reach the second floor, which is 115m.
To reach the highest point on the tower, the option provided to visitors is to use the elevator on the second floor. In addition, there is a museum exhibition, souvenir shops, and a nice restaurant on the first floor. While a restaurant, le Jules Vernes, (a beautiful restaurant that will give tourists an excellent view of the city of Paris), is on the second level. In le Jules Vernes you would enjoy the meat and wine provided while enjoying the view of Paris. The tower is open daily from 9.30 am to 11.45 pm. The tower receives about seven million tourists annually.

1.   2. Versailles

Photo credit:

Versailes is a former royal palace outside the city of France. it is located 16 kilometer southwest of France. With world-class architecture typical of France, the Palace of Versailles has also become one of France's most famous tourist attractions. The Palace of Versailles is further away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Versailes is in a suburb of Paris, offering views that are far different from what is usually seen in the city of Paris in general.

To reach this place, you can take the train and stop at the Versailles Rive Gauche stop; it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the right of the road until you finally see the Palace of Versailles on the left. Today, this opulence complex represent the rise and fall of French monarchy.

3. Verdon George
Verdon George
Photo credit;

Verdon Gorge is a canyon/cliff with the most beautiful river in Europe, especially in spring. In spring, the river will display a turquoise color that comes from the rocks at the bottom of the river. To reach this place, the journey from the city center is quite far, as far as 25 km. It would be better to hire an uber or a private driver if you want to visit this place.

This place is located near and bordering Italy, in the area of ​​Provence in France. The area which is a bit difficult to reach does not make this place empty of visitors. The tourists are attracted to this place because it is said that Verdon Gorge is the most beautiful natural place in France. Most tourists are attracted because the trekking area is very challenging, accompanied by a beautiful valley and river views.

In addition to using car and walking, tourists can also use bicycles to explore this area. Not a few tourists also come because they want to see and interact with animals, the most common of which are birds, because of the wildlife still preserved in France. If tourists also want to explore the connected river, they can also do this with kayaks that can be rented onsite.

4. Tuileries Garden

Photo Credit;

Tuileries Garden is located close to the Louvre Museum. It was founded by a woman named Catherine de Medici and was opened to the public in 1667. It became a recreational park for tourists and visitors after the French revolution. Parisians also often use this park to relax and enjoy the French air, especially in the afternoon.

This large park consists of several sections, most of which display works of art, most of them are sculptures. The parts of this park consist of:

  • Jardin du Carrousel
  • Terrasse
  • Moat of Charles IV
  • Grand Carre of the Tuileris
The park is divided into four sections after being classified based on history, stories, and the types of artworks. Most of the tourists and visitors who visit this place use their time to get to know the history, relax, or take some photos worth capturing.

5. Place de La Concorde 
Photo Credit:

Ange-Jacques found and design Place de La Concorde. Place de la Concorde is one of France's most famous public places. This place is usually used as a meeting point for French people. At the time of the French revolution, this place was very commonly used as a mass execution place shown for the public. Tourists and visitors can see several fountains and statues, most of which are statues of kings who once reigned in France during the revolutionary era.

In the center of this place stands a famous monument from Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs. The Egyptian government gave this monument in ancient times. The Egyptian government gave two monuments. However, only one is in France, while the rest are still in Egypt due to the difficulty of moving it at that time as a result of  technological limitations. The height of this monument is 23 meters, with a weight of approximately 250 tons.

A few things to keep in mind is that the installation of this monument right in the middle of the garden. It signifies the special skills and equipment used at that time so that they were able to move a monument of this size and weight to France.

6. Orsay Museum

Photo Credit:

Compared to other museums in France, one of the characteristics of this museum is the presence of a large clock in the main room, which is still functioning properly. The museum was originally founded as a railway station in 1900 by Victor Laloux. The station was then closed operational in 1939, then designated as a historical monument until finally reopened to the public in 1986 as a museum.

The museum contains a wide variety of works of French art; from 1848 to 1914 which is diverse, there are paintings, sculptures, photographs, and so on. This museum is worth a visit because, unlike other museums, this museum is very thick with French characteristics, considering that the majority of the artists whose works are displayed and enshrined in this museum are native French.

7. Louvre

                  Photo credit: wikimedia

The Louvre is museum in Paris. It was used as a fortress during the reign of Phillip II, has changed its role into a museum displaying more than 380,000 pieces of art spread over an area of 60,000 square meters. Many tourists want to visit this place because, in addition to the art of architecture, which is very charming, this place is also a place worth visiting for history lovers. The collections displayed are diverse, both from ancient Egyptian, Greek, decorative collections, paintings, etc. The ancient Egyptian collection is the collection that fills this museum the most, which describes in full the life of the Egyptian people in Ancient Egypt, the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, the New Kingdom of Egypt, Coptic Art, and Rome. Usually, you won't be able to explore and see every piece of art there because there are many works of art on display. A Frenchman once said that it would take you 3-4 hours a day in three months to see all the existing works of art!

8. Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg
                                Photo Credit:

Jardin du Luxembourg is located in Paris. Marie de Medici, wife of King Henry 1612, established this place as a garden for the housing complex she had just founded. This garden, with an area of ​​​​23 hectares, is now owned by the French government and contains a variety of flowers, trees, fountains, and so on, which was developed in 1620. At the center of this park is the attraction that tourists and visitors alike seek. It is a very distinctive fountain located in the Jardin du Luxembourg with statues of the queens who once reigned in Paris surrounding the fountain. This park also has a playground for children, adults, and families who want to spend time. Sometimes, there are also many musical performances brought by street musicians to accompany spending time in this place. The park is also equipped with restaurants, cafes, and drinking places as areas to relax. Be the right choice to spend free time with friends or family while enjoying the French air with a glass of wine. This place is open and can be visited from 7 am to 9 pm.

9. Disneyland Paris

                      Photo Credit;
 Disneyland Paris is a place of entertainment. It comprises two world-class theme parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The original theme park of the complex is Disneyland Park. It was opened on 12 of April 1992. The second theme park (Walt Disney Studios Park) was opened in 2002. It was first name Euro Disney and was later renamed to Disney land Paris in 1994. Disneyland Paris also house other facilities such as; resort hotels, Disney Nature Resorts, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex, and a golf course.

The playground complex of Disneyland Paris is in the Marne-La-Vallee area, about 30km east of Paris. Usually, tourists or visitors, both from outside and within Paris, reach it place by car, but trains can also be used, especially for tourists who cannot use a car in France. TGV, Thalys, and Eurostar serve the nearby train station at Disneyland Paris. With over 375 million visitors since it was opened in 1992, Disneyland Paris is the number one tourists destination in Europe.

10.   Champ Elysees

                            Photo Credit:

Champ Elysees is an avenue full of cinemas, cafes, and shops, most of which are luxury shops. This road is one of the most famous roads in the world. France is one of the countries well known as a fashion country, so it is not something strange or not surprising that they have a special path for those who love fashion, especially for visitors or tourists. This 2-kilometer-long street is lined with luxury shops, separated by a park called Marigny Square.

Although it is full of expensive brand shops and feels far from what tourists want to know about France and its culture, you can still find yourself and French culture on this street. Here is a selection of activities you can do on this trail:

  • ·         Watching cabaret at Le Lido de Paris

You can watch a cabaret show online if you're curious, but this show is a jazz show that describes life in Paris or France as a whole, from its history to its life to date. You can buy tickets to watch online to avoid getting in the queue.

  • ·         You can visit the auction house called Art Crucial

Founded in 1975, this house is still active today as a place to auction an item. The items being auctioned vary, from works of art to jewelry. You can see the flow of auctions held here more than 100 times a year. It might be difficult for you to get the schedule right, so you'll have to ask the French if you want to see the process.

  • ·         Visit the Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is located across Champ Elysees street, and you can enjoy lunch or dinner here, of course, in an expensive French restaurant. You can see the monument to the Grand Palais, which hosts more than 40 events each year, including showcasing blockbuster films from time immemorial and the seasonal Chanel fashion show.

 11. Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral
                           Photo Credit:

Besides being used as a place of worship, this cathedral church is also one of the tourist attractions worth visiting because the building has a French gothic aura. This church is located east of Paris, next to the river Seine, an icon of the French state. It is not only a place of worship and a place of tourism; the cathedral church of Notre Dame is also the residence of the Archbishop of France. The cathedral is open every day and the way to visit it, you can use the train that stops at ile de la Cite. You can immediately walk from the underground station until you finally get to Notre Dame.

12. Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe
                   Photo Credit:

Arc de Triomphe is a commemorative monumentArc de Triomphe monument was planned by Napoleon after his victory in a battle. The process of working on this monument took approximately two years. The architect and initiator of the initial design and architecture was Jean Chalgrin. He died in 1811 before the monument was completed, which led to this work being carried on by Jean-Nicolas Huyot. It took 30 years for the work to be completed.

This monument is located at the western end of the Champ Elysees region, erected with Napoleon's purpose to honour the services of soldiers who died in the battle of Austerlitz he won. The reason tourists and visitors visit this place is because the history of France is very thick with a very interesting story behind it. In addition, the artwork plastered on the walls of the monument is also very worth capturing if you bring a camera.

How has tourism changed over the years in France?

Fashion and art may be a timeless attraction in France. The massive changes in tourism do not make the appeal of art and fashion fade. However, over time there have been many changes that were clearly aimed at adding to the appeal of France itself. The promotion is also getting stronger. Not only from art and fashion, the culture promoted through films or series has also helped tourism in France. The infrastructure is constantly changing to make it easier for local and international tourists to enjoy tourism. From year to year, the number of visitors is increasing but decreasing drastically during the covid pandemic and increasing again in 2022.

What are some of the challenges facing tourism in France?

France has become a global tourism sensation. Many people say that this country is the king of tourism. But over time, there are many challenges that must be faced by France. The reason is clear. Other countries are vying to promote their tourism. The competition is quite massive. Alain Dupeyras, a tourism committee manager at the OECD said there were at least 4 major challenges that must be faced. The first is the dispersed governance. The relationship between departments still looks less integrated so it is necessary to develop the tourism vision itself. The second challenge is mobility. One of the most prominent mobility challenges is the importance of improving systems to support visa issuance policies. In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen transportation facilities both nationally and internationally. The last challenge is innovation. Green innovation is also very important to develop tourism in France.


What are some of the benefits of tourism in France?

Maybe you wonder why France is so very interesting to visit. The beauty and uniqueness of the country may indeed be naturally attractive. But we need to know that the Government is very serious about developing tourism there. The reason is as simple as tourism in France has great benefits. Tourism in France accounts for at least 7% - 8% of GDP and provides jobs for millions of people. From there, the country's infrastructure also became better developed. Including protecting the cultural heritage in France.


France is one of the most favored destinations by tourists. This is an acceptable fact especially for art lovers and those who are interested in the architecture of a city. The list In addition, culinary must be in your top priority.  Wine and French specialties are things you have to try when you are in France.  It is so common when France has been global attraction. They have taken tourism seriously and it is supported by the heritage, culture and nature itself. So, if you need holidays, don’t hesitate to go to France.

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